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How long have you followed the saga of Blizzard entertainment? Were you there from the start, do you follow the great games that they still make or are you looking for newer games, with new corporate stories that you can get behind? The game Diable by Blizzard Entertainment came out over a decade ago and there are still loyal gamers that play it everynight. This type of endless quest is what real gamers are all about. Companies like Activision, Blizzard and Midway know about this diehard fandom and especially Activision as they created games in the eighties that have risen to the level of cultural iconic status. Them there are the football fan games that follow games like Blitz the League and then there are also the gamers that love Las Vegas Casino action like in game like This is Vegas. Midway Arcarde also had a large following for their games like Mortal Kombat, I, II, III and beyond. Then you also have gamers that appreciate games like online poker, online bingo and even the free casino games that are popping up across the internet.

Classic Arcade Games

What is the future of online gaming? Will it go the way of Activision, Blizzard, Capcom or Midway and be run by mega large companies that eventually only pander to the masses? Perhaps all games will be run by Zynga on Apple iPhones and will only be available as App Store Games. Right now as we see it, we will continue to have the favorites of today for at least 5 more years. There's PC, PS2, PS3, PSP, Wii and Xbox and if you want to play your online poker or online casino games then you may have several devices to choose from. Especially when you consider how easy it is to play games on an iPad. Are you still using an Apple iPhone 3G and 160 apps that were originally on the appstore or have you upgraded to a Apple iPhone 4Gs?

Worldwide Online Gaming in France, Italy, Spain and Canada

It no longer matters what part of the world you are in when it comes to gaming. Well, that's not entirely true as in Germany many games are completely banned due to laws enforcing decency that some games attack. Beyond that, games like World of Warcraft have a massive appeal and millions of registered players continue to pay around $200 or a year for their characters. Then if you factor in other accessories that can be purchased, expansions, mousepads with orcs on them, then the total can go through the roof.  Online gaming, and online gambling has made it to casinos in Italy see more at Casino online, and also France has approved jeu casino, Mexico and Canada.  Aside from gaming being its own booming industry, it also fuels the tech industry by pushing the limits of modern PCs and gaming consoles and essentially forcing gamers to buy more expensive equipment to run the games.  That is why consoles eventually lose their appeal because they can only be upgraded with peripherals so much before the entire unit has to be completely replaced.

Blacjack Online in Italy

A very popular game in Italy is Blackjack.  The famous game of 21 is picking up in popularity along with other card games like the variations of poker.  Blackjack, in a recent poll conducted by professional online gamblers showed that both men and women are at an equal percentage in new and veteran players of blackjack online, read more at  These numbers were quite different when local casinos where questioned about the data.  In land based casinos the percentage of male blackjack players was 86%.  Is there a stigma associated with this game?  When we are discussing online blackjack it would seem that there is not, but the numbers seem to show that one does exist when female players have the option to play the game at land-based casinos.  One casino patron suggested that women do not play as much blackjack in the land casinos because they are either there with a large group of friends and there are not enough seats or their husbands or boyfriends are at the tables and the women go play slots to get away for awhile.

Multi Player Mayhem

If you are looking for some Multi - Player Mayhem in online poker or other online gaming in Italy, then some of the best can now be found through special delivery websites are springing up. Instead of having to spend seventy dollars per game, you now only spend twenty a month and have unlimited access to an unlimited library of slot games. This is especially useful for those that used to spend a lot at the video store renting games each week as a new one was released. There are also options for games besides an FPS title. In fact, games like the Sims can be rented as opposed to purchasing and this does not only include the console version, but also the PC versions as well. You will find that most apps on this type of service are released rapidly and even if the game is bad, it doesn't matter than much since you would have only lost pennies to that game instead of the dollars that happened in the past.

Slot machines are a favorite among both gamers and gamblers from all across the world. Old timey slot machines have a lot of value to collectors, just as the older pinball machines do. The reason?  Read More Here. Guys like to put the games of their youth in their gaming dens and because of that, there is a massive collectors market for slot machines from Italy and the US. Slot machines have been around for over two hundred years now and many have made fortunes and others have lost fortunes. Slot machines that come from Italy are highly sought after because of the handcrated care that went into their design and creation. US slot machines were very similiar in that they were hand built up until the 1950's when they became massed produced. Other examples of gaming online can also be found at sites like justin tv.  Sites like the ones that have been discussed here, can give a lot more information for those that are looking to either play games or are looking to getting into the gaming industry.

Gaming new reviews and previews