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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy Please Read

Game Spectrum offers its users numerous forms of content. All of this content belongs to Game Spectrum and the website retains the right to make any sudden changes to this content. The users who choose to provide the website with personal information can have complete peace of mind as all of this data is safeguarded and protected against theft and hacking attempts.

The website will never share the users’ data and personal information with other websites or any third parties. The website will only share such information with its affiliates and partners. Sharing the data with these affiliates will enable the website to provide users with services that they might need such as client support.
The website will never accept any data that is provided without the knowledge of the users. This is why Game Spectrum will only accept the data that is provided willingly by its users through surveys, sign up forms and polls.

The information that the website will gather includes first name, last name, user name, billing address, banking details, credit card information, email address and physical address among others.

The website will only share its gathered information with legal authorities if it is approached according to the law by any authority and asked to reveal the personal info of any of its users.

There are two important things that the users have to know when they plan to use this website:

- Once users start viewing the content on this website and engage in it in any way, they are immediately giving their full consent and approval to all of the terms in this page.

- The website can make any changes to these terms whenever it sees fit. These changes can include adding new privacy policy terms as well as deleting old ones. It also includes editing the existing ones.

The Terms of Service of Game Spectrum:

Game Spectrum is only responsible for the pages of the website only. All of the content that is available for users on the website belongs to Game Spectrum only. Game Spectrum will occasionally suggest or link to external websites of a related topic. Game Spectrum cannot be held responsible or accountable for any of the actions and the content that is offered by these web sites. The users who are clicking on such links in order to head to these websites are entering them on their own discretion.

Game Spectrum will never use cookies on its pages but the same cannot be stated about these external websites. These web sites may offer users harmful content and they can use cookies.

Game Spectrum can change any of the terms at its own discretion without having to notify or announce any of these changes. These changes can include modifications to these terms, the addition of new terms and the cancellation of any of the terms. It is the users’ responsibility to stay up to date with the terms and the modifications.

Game Spectrum offers users different forms of data that will help them in their research related purposes. This data can be changed at any given time by Game Spectrum. The website can and will provide other websites with services such as advertisement and the publishing of certain articles and content. This content includes casino reviews and casino articles among others.

The users are the ones responsible for viewing and abiding by the rules and laws that are set forth by their jurisdiction regarding what Game Spectrum has to offer.

Users who open the website to view any of its content, use any of the services or purchase any of the products are immediately approving of all of the above listed terms as well as the terms that exist in the Privacy Police page.